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Nobody likes to have an unexpected repair pop up and whether you are keeping up with routine service appointments or have forgotten about a few important factors in your vehicle's health, brakes deserve their time in the sun. Everybody remembers how often your Nissan model needs its oil changed, but what about the health of the most important safety feature your car, truck, or SUV has?

Your brakes do more than provide your vehicle with the ability to slow or stop; they help keep you and everyone on the road safe. This is why we suggest you schedule a service immediately when any of the signs of brake failure presents itself.

Take A Break For Brake's Sake

Here are major indicators that are alerting you to a problem with your brakes, so contact our service department immediately if you notice these signs.

  • Your brakes feel slow to respond, spongy, or require you to push them all the way to the floor
  • A grinding noise occurs when you apply the brakes
  • Squealing sound is also highly possible
  • A vibration or pulsing feeling occurs in your pedal or steering wheel when braking
  • A pungent smell or burning order comes from the brakes
  • A warning light appears illuminated on your vehicle's dashboard

The good news about this is that your brakes can be taken care of through our express service, which makes it easier for brake service, oil changes, and other maintenance to be taken care of fast and without an appointment. The best news is that there may be a service and parts special to help you save money on these repairs and make it even easier to keep up with.

Our Avon, Hartford, and Farmington can take advantage of our Nissan-trained service team whether for changing your brakes, rotors, or pads, or having another service taken care of. We only use Nissan approved parts on your vehicle for the best fit and performance for your vehicle. Contact us today to schedule your service or for information about your recommended service schedule.


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