There's never a good time for your car battery to die. Hoffman Nissan understands this. That's why a free battery diagnostic test is part of the multi-point inspection we perform each time you service your Nissan with us. In the event that your Nissan does need a new battery, we have Genuine Nissan replacement batteries stocked and ready to go, just come on down to Hoffman Nissan in West Simsbury, CT.
Your battery may be dying if you experience any of the following:
  • Slow cranking when you start your vehicle
  • Clicking noises when turning the key
  • Interior lights start to dim
  • Dashboard battery warning light stays illuminated when your vehicle is running
  • You need to jump start your vehicle.
Hoffman Nissan Pricing
  • Replacement cost parts and labor is $159.95 plus tax.  (Includes a 84 month limited warranty)
*The first two years is a full free replacement and after that up to 84 month is pro-rated. Contact Hoffman Nissan for more details. Pricing subject to change.

Service Hours

  • Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm
  • Saturday - Sunday Closed