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Take Advantage of Spring With an Assessment of Your Vehicle's Exterior

It's official, Spring has finally arrived! We want you to start the season in an informed way. Spring is a fantastic season to assess the condition of your vehicle's exterior and catch up with any needed maintenance.

Take a moment to thoroughly check the exterior of your vehicle for dings and scratches. If you're like most people, winter prevents you from accomplishing this task in a way that is sufficient. Typically, most dings and scratches can be repaired using touch-up paint. Prior to applying the touch-up paint, use a small portion to an area that is not…

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Hoffman Nissan: Serving Hartford Area Drivers

Serving residents and visitors of Hartford alike with exemplary service and an extensive selection of sought-after new and used Nissan models, Hoffman Nissan continually serves aspiring Nissan owners with the service they require to confidently select their ideal vehicle. Whether viewing a show at the Hartford Stage, or taking a trip into the city for a weekend excursion with your family, Hoffman Nissan's convenient nearby location reveals Hoffman Nissan as an ideal location for any prospective Nissan driver.

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Join the Hoffman Advantage Factory Recommended Maintenance Program & Earn Savings!

West Simsbury drivers know how important it is to stay current with the service and maintenance their Nissan vehicles need, and if you're already keeping on top of things, joining the Hoffman Advantage Factory Recommended Maintenance Program is one way to get some extra-special benefits just for doing what you're already doing!
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What Are the Hoffman Advantage Reward Levels?

When you join the Hoffman Advantage Program, you're immediately a VIP Status member, which means right away, you're entitled to 5% off Service Repairs and $100 off your next service contract.

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Hoffman Nissan Express Service | What Is It & How Can You Use It

When you drive something as fast as the Nissan GTR, you might want service that can keep up. Here at Hoffman Nissan, we offer Nissan Express Service. No one knows your Nissan vehicle like a Nissan-trained technician, and if you're looking for the service and maintenance you vehicle needs that fits into you busy schedule, try out Nissan Express Service!


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Tire Treads: What Do You Need to Know?

Check Your Tire Treads to See When It's Time to Rotate!

Here in our Nissan Service Center, we get quite a few questions, and a lot of people ask us about tire rotations; folks know they should have their tires rotated, but not everyone knows why, or how to know when a rotation is needed. Well, never fear! We're answering these questions here today!


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Drive Further on One Tank of Gas in Your Nissan

We all love to stretch our gas tanks as far as possible. Not only do you go further, but you also save time and money at the gas station. Hoffman Nissan would like to offer a few ways West Simsbury drivers can drive further on one tank of gas.

  • Wind resistance kills fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, the faster you go, the more wind resistance works against you. Try slowing down a bit to increase your efficiency.
  • Your engine runs less efficiently when it's cold. If you have errands to run, try to do them all in one trip so that…
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Purchasing with an Auto Loan or Taking the Wheel with a Nissan Lease—Which One is for You?

Plenty of people ask themselves whether leasing or buying is the right financing solution for them, and it can be a tough question to answer. Unfortunately, there’s no one right answer, either; some folks might prefer the relative ease and convenience of a lease, while others would prefer the equity-building and freedom of ownership. While the final decision rests with you, we’ve put together a little comparison chart to help you along the way.

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For the Best Service in Town, the Hartford Area Turns to Hoffman Nissan in West Simsbury, CT

Every day, winter creeps a little bit closer, and for us up here in the greater Hartford, CT area, that actually means something! Our winters aren’t in name only, they’re full-scale assaults of snow and winds, ice and freezing rain. If you’re someone who drives at all during the winter, it can really pay to prepare for the coming winter season. Here at Hoffman Nissan, our Service Center is on hand to help you get ready!



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#CarWashSunday? More Like #CarWashFunday!

Summer may be ending, but there’s still time and sun enough to squeeze in some car-wash action. Nissan got in on the action recently with this wordless wonder of an advertisement. In it you’ll see the 2017 Nissan GT-R in all its sumptuous glory—and not much else, not that that’s really a problem. Here at Hoffman Nissan, we wanted to take this #CarWashSunday and make it a #CarWashFunday, so enjoy the fun video below, and if you find yourself smitten with the GT-R, come see us in our West Simsbury, CT showroom for more information!

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Have You Explored All the Reasons To Visit?

Finding a new car is a top priority for Bristol, CT, Southington, Naugatuck, and Torrington customers, but did you know we also have a great selection of used models to choose from? We also provide you with guidance through the financing process so you can find the Nissan lease or loan that best matches your needs, because having a good idea of what is best for your budget is what matters.

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