Tire Treads: What Do You Need to Know?

Worried About Wear & Tear? Check Your Tire Treads to See When It's Time to Rotate!

Here in our Nissan Service Center, we get quite a few questions, and a lot of people ask us about tire rotations; folks know they should have their tires rotated, but not everyone knows why, or how to know when a rotation is needed. Well, never fear! We're answering these questions here today! This is Tire Rotations 101 with Hoffman Nissan.



Why Rotate Your Tires?

Rotating your tires can help you get the most life out of them—when you drive, your tires endure the brunt of things, and undergo wear and tear. If you don't rotate, the same places on your tire will become worn out prematurely, but when you do rotate your tires, you extend their life by changing the place of wear on a given tire.

How to Check Your Tire Treads for Uneven Wear & Tear or to See If It's Time to Replace:

If you'd like to see for yourself whether your vehicle is experiencing uneven wear and tear, you can perform a simple at-home test; go to your tire and measure the tread-depth in three places; if the measurements are different, mystery solved: you've got uneven wear! It might be time to rotate!

To know whether you might want to replace the tires entirely, try the Penny Test: take a penny and then, with Lincoln's face toward you, insert the penny head-first into the tread well. If Lincoln's head is covered by the tread, that means you have more than 2/32-inches of tread left and your tires are safe to travel on, but if Lincoln's face is clearly seen, your treads are worn a bit thin, and coming in for a new set of tires is a good choice!

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