Drive Further on One Tank of Gas in Your Nissan

We all love to stretch our gas tanks as far as possible. Not only do you go further, but you also save time and money at the gas station. Hoffman Nissan would like to offer a few ways West Simsbury drivers can drive further on one tank of gas.

  • Wind resistance kills fuel efficiency. Unfortunately, the faster you go, the more wind resistance works against you. Try slowing down a bit to increase your efficiency.
  • Your engine runs less efficiently when it's cold. If you have errands to run, try to do them all in one trip so that your engine stays warm. That way, you get optimum fuel efficiency.
  • Dirt and debris collect in your engine as you drive, which creates friction and makes your engine inefficient. Faithfully keep up with your routine oil and filter change schedule to clean out your engine, and increase your fuel efficiency.

If it's time for an oil change, bring your Nissan by the Hoffman Nissan Express Service. Our fast, expert service will take care of your oil change and routine maintenance and have you back out on the roads in no time.

The best part? No appointment needed! Come at your convenience. See you soon!

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